Is a priority for us

Corporate philosophy on sustainability at FREUNDE Messebau

Sustainability as the core of our identity

At FREUNDE Messebau, sustainability is not just a trend, but an essential part of our corporate culture. Our commitment to the environment and society is reflected in each of our projects. We believe that responsible use of resources and the use of environmentally friendly technologies are crucial for the future of our planet. We are therefore committed to taking ecological, economic and social responsibility in all areas of our company.

Concrete contributions from FREUNDE to sustainability

Innovation and commitment to the environment

FREUNDE Messebau makes an active contribution to environmental protection by using electric vehicles, which reduce the CO2 emissions of our fleet. We use photovoltaic systems on our company roof to generate renewable energy. When constructing our exhibition stands, we attach great importance to durable and reusable materials. Our goal is to minimize packaging waste and to keep transport routes short by taking on local projects. These measures underline our commitment to sustainable exhibition construction.

Quality standards in terms of sustainability

High standards for a sustainable future

At FREUNDE Messebau, quality comes first, especially when it comes to sustainability. We rely on durable and reusable materials. These are carefully selected to meet both ecological and quality standards. We are happy to take on local projects to keep transport routes short and encourage our customers to always rely on sustainably built exhibition stands. Our aim is to create outstanding trade fair experiences that are environmentally conscious and at the same time of the highest quality.

System floors

from Prolyte and Octanorm

Modular wall system

from Aluvision and Octanorm

LED stand lighting

by Hoftronic and LTS

Reusable graphics

Many of our graphics are used multiple times

Rental furniture

Rental furniture and system counters

Transport routes

We avoid empty journeys

Solar power directly from the roof

With our PV system we supply the entire agency with electricity in a completely self-sufficient manner.

You are welcome to charge your electric vehicle at our charging station.



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